As an independent company, Capex Office Interiors has no allegiance to any one supplier, which means we can be impartial when recommending the right product to suit your needs.

The excellent relationships we have built over the years with our suppliers means we can insist upon a few things… a quality product at a price that suits your budget and in a design that fits with your overall concept!

From rustic bench styles to crisp clean lines, our extensive furniture range can be designed to suit your specific needs, giving you and your team the best solution for your environment, one that also strengthens your brand image and company ethos.

So whether you need reception desks and seating areas, “hot desking” stools and tables, executive desks and ergonomically designed desk seating, soft working areas for impromptu meetings, furniture for formal meeting rooms or even some simple storage solutions, just ask and we will provide!

If you need a few ideas, just take a look at our Furniture Ranges...

Furnishing your office space is a significant financial commitment, and not something you can afford to get wrong.

That’s why Capex Office Interiors can arrange for you and your team to be shown furniture ranges in advance of placing an order, so that you can be confident that the choices you make at this stage are the right ones for the environment you have visualised for the business.

If this sounds like a useful thing to do, just give our Office Furniture experts a call on 01737 821122.

The term “ergonomics” is derived from two Greek words: “ergon,” meaning work, and “nomoi,” meaning natural laws. As such ergonomics looks at human capabilities in relationship to work demands.

So, when looking at furnishing your office, Capex Office Interiors will help you identify suitable items to ensure your team stays comfortable at work and that any personal preferences and health considerations can be taken into account.

The ranges we supply include ergonomically designed desks, seating, cable management, monitor arms and iPad and tablet support. And it goes without saying, we we can also provide a wide range of ergonomic desk accessories too.