Haggerston Perk

When Tower Projects and Dave Calvey from Rydons presented us with the opportunity to take on a project to complete the design and build a new cafe in Hackney for disadvanted youngsters our ears pricked up.

Working closely with Rydons in Forest Row who had previously developed the whole site as part of a massive housing project we took the original designs and re-worked them to come up with a really beautiful cafe.

The cafe will be called the Haggerston Perk and will be used to train young people in the art of making great coffee. Once they are trained barristas they can be launched into the workplace for organisations such as Costa Coffee.

Our re-design took into account the coffee machines, commercial fridges, it answered problems presented by the concrete structure of the building and enabled us to come up with a great looking space. The coffee machines went in yesterday and the big launch is on April 6.

We can’t wait for our first coffee, and if you want to find out more about the project, just take a look at their video below…

Project Details


Haggerston Perk


Complete design and build