Capex Workspace can provide complete assistance in finding the right office space for your Big Move...

Over the years, we have built excellent relationships with landlords throughout London and the South East, so once we've taken a brief, we can turn to our 'little black book' and suggest locations and spaces that match your requirements.

If you already have an office, we'll also be able to assist with dilapidation support.

And of course, you'll have the assistance of a dedicated 'Move Manager' to see you through the process.

Our team specialises in using computer aided design (CAD) technology to provide virtual environments in which to explore the possibilities within your workspace. Our fast and flexible design service means that there are no costly architect’s charges.

We’ll meet and discuss your specific requirements. Think headcount, meeting rooms, reception areas, comfort zones, IT, storage and of course the look and feel you are hoping to achieve.

We'll provide you with drawings and sketches that are easily understandable and are aimed at helping you visualise the options so you can choose what suits you best.

Once the location and plans for the use of space are agreed, we’ll move on to the next stage – the overall design.

At this stage we’ll be making sure everything on your ‘wish list’ is included. So that means getting the look and feel spot on, and focusing on the finer details such as the lighting, the quality of fixtures and furnishing, how we can help you to incorporate your company branding, and even assisting you to decide on the right colour for your interior, one that enhances your team’s productivity and mood - and of course impresses your customers.

And, as we know how important these things are, we will also ensure that all Health and Safety and fire regulations are complied with, that safety is built in and your building can cope whatever the weather!

From rustic bench styles to crisp clean lines, our extensive furniture range can be designed to suit your specific needs, giving you and your team the best solution for your environment, one that also strengthens your brand image and company ethos.

So whether you need reception desks and seating areas, “hot desking” stools and tables, executive desks and ergonomically designed desk seating, soft working areas for impromptu meetings, furniture for formal meeting rooms or even some simple storage solutions, just ask and we will provide!

The excellent relationships we have built over the years with our suppliers means we can insist upon a few things… a quality product at a price that suits your budget and in a design that fits with your overall concept! And as we are not tied to any particular manufacturer, we can confidently say we’ll find the very best deal and style for you.

If you need a few ideas, just take a look at our Furniture Ranges...