With a team of specialists behind us, you can rest assured that Capex Workspace are able to tackle all aspects of your project…

New kitchens and cloakrooms?
No problem our carpenters, plumbers and electricians are on hand.

Have an image to portray?
We’ll provide the guidance you need to create the right mood using colour, lighting, furniture, fabrics and finishes that work for your brand, your team and your customers.

Health & Safety giving you a headache?
We know the whys and wherefores of all H&S issues, so let us take the strain. We’re fully insured, have a proven track record and will take care of all regulatory aspects of your project.

Don’t worry, we are the secret agents… We understand that sometimes you just can’t disrupt your working day to get your office up to scratch.

That’s why we offer our Secret Service, which means we come in when you’re not there – evenings, overnight, weekends… if that’s what it takes to keep your team at work just ask us for more information.

Of course it’s not just your project that needs careful management. Your budget does too.

So of course, we will make sure that your project not only comes in on time, it comes in on budget too. By liaising with you throughout the whole process, we will ensure there are never any nasty surprises (or invoices) to deal with.